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AllFocusTM - Extended Depth of Field Software

The AllFocus software aligns images in the Z-stack by shifting, scaling, and rotating them and creates a composite image by choosing pixels from the best-focused plane.  This produces an image where all parts are in focus, effectively increasing the depth of field.  AllFocus software can work with images produced by compound and stereo microscopes, confocal microscopes, digital cameras with lenses, and other sources.  It can be used with transmitted light, reflected light and fluorescence images.  The AllFocus software can be used as a stand-alone application on a previously acquired Z-stack of images, or it can be controlled from other applications.  This feature enables the use of AllFocus by system integrators.  In particular, it can be used in conjunction with the ZStackTool image acquisition software, which controls Motorized Lift and Microscope Focus Drive.  AllFocus provides the broadest available range of features for extending depth of field of images.  See examples of processing of Z-stacks of images by AllFocus in the EDF Image Gallery.  In addition to combining stacks of differently focused images, AllFocus can combine stacks of images acquired with with different exposure times (HDR Image Gallery) or at different angles of illumination (VAI Image Gallery).


Download current version here.  The program will work for 30 days with full functionality, after which a valid registration code will be required.  You will receive the registration code by email after completing the purchase below.

Price: $50 for perpetual license.

If you would like to evaluate AllFocus without installing it, please send your Z-stacks to and we will return to you the processed images.

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